Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

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In many ways raising a puppy is exactly the same as raising a child.

In matter of fact, the one thing that you need is consistency.
Most of us would nod in agreement though that some things are universally accepted as the right way to do things.

What we have here is some simple tips that often get overlooked when it comes to an owner raising their dog from the start.

We have all heard people say “My dog simply ignores me” or you get “They must be stupid or something..they never do what I want them to do”

The really sad thing about these statements is that dogs simply do not understand “Human Speak“…but they can learn some of our words.
Puppies are like sponges. They essentially look to us for guidance and education.









They love us absolutely without any question. Our lives soon become their lives and they react to the way we treat them.

A Dog will really look at it’s owner. They absolutely study everything in our facial expressions and our body language and this guides their mood and how they behave.

We have to teach our puppy English commands which they will learn if you give them the chance.
We need to be consistent with what we say to our dog.

To speed up our puppies learning then we need to teach them our language and be continually using the same and right words so that they actually stick in the “ear ” and mind of your dog.

Honestly, pick the words you want to use for the specific task and absolutely stick with those words and do not deviate.

It is vitally important that everyone else in your family knows the recipe that you are using as well. It ‘s no good you saying “Time for a walk Butch ” if someone else says “Walkies “….or “Let ‘s go out for a nice stroll “….poor old Butch needs to have the same words, everyday from all involved in his training.

Puppies are different from older dogs. Everything is much faster. Their metabolism is faster and also their learning curve is faster too. Essentially, because of this your dog will be eating and drinking more so more exercise will be needed.

Never, EVER punish your puppy for making any kind of mistakes when you are training them.
You only ever reward good behaviour and totally ignore bad behaviour.

Eventually your dog will realise what is going on, but it takes time and patience.

If you are short on patience or you are shouty kind of person with a short fuse, having a puppy or a dog in general is definitely not for you. It ‘s not fair on the dog.








Generally, your puppies age in weeks and the kind of breed they are and size will determine how often they need to go outside to go to relieve themselves.

If you can let your puppy go outside every hour and it is safe for them to do so, then this is not excessive especially if it is a warm day and they have been drinking more.

Dogs are naturally outdoors animals so they absolutely love to be outside sniffing around. They love it so, essentially they LOVE to do their business outdoors too.

This means that if you follow a plan to housebreak your dog you can easily achieve full house training within 2 months or 8 weeks!

When your dog wakes up from a nap, that is the best time to get that lead and take them out. You know, us humans tend to sleep all night and when we wake up in the morning we tend to yawn, then go to the bathroom. Our dogs are the same!

Start thinking like a dog!

Another thing to look for is if your dog starts sniffing the floor indoors….get him or her outside and quick!
It’s a sign! They are looking to pee..or worse!

And, each and every time your dog actually asks (barks or whimpers) to go outside to do their thing…and they do their thing…Huge praise MUST be given to them..and even a nice little treat.

It ‘s vital that they know that you are pleased and because they love you, they want to please you.

“Goooooood Boyyy ” or “Well done BUTCH! ” “What A Good Dog “…stuff like that, Dogs love praise. Who doesn ‘t?
Dogs read our smile, show them that you are happy, show them that you love them.

Whatever you give them you will get that positivity back 10 fold…a 100 fold even. It ‘s a win-win for both of you.
Your dog really looks at you. It’s how they gauge our moods.









Facial expressions are everything. In a dogs world the absolute worst thing for them is to see you scowl at them or turn away from them. It upsets them, lowers their confidence and leads them to possible regression and toilet related incidents.

A dogs tail will fall and may even tuck between it ‘s back legs and also the facial look of your dog will drop as well.
If your dog does something wrong you can tell them “NO ” firmly and be stern when you do it.

That is totally fine. A dog has a short attention span of up to 5 minutes so don ‘t bear a grudge after that amount of time.
Dogs don ‘t live in the past and neither should we.

Make sure that you reward good behaviour and try, where possible, to ignore the bad.

NEVER hit your dog. That is a despicable thing to do.

Be consistent in your commands and reward their good attempts at getting the program right and if they make a mistake, then just start all over again. This is why it ‘s called training.

Seriously, it won ‘t take long for your dog to be able to read your face and know exactly what you want from them…
they are pretty smart animals.

You never really stop training your dog and there are many aspects to having any successful relationship with your animal.
It takes work.
Making their home environment a happy and safe place is vital.

The right food, the right amount of affection are all huge factors in your success.

If you follow these simple yet effective tips, you will have a great time with your new dog.

And remember, these are whole of life skills and they work.

This great video shares some great tips about house training your puppy.


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