Ten Top Tips To Help Your Dog & You To Get Through Firework Night

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As exciting as fireworks, bonfire night and celebrations can be for us humans, for some dogs, it is very much the opposite.










Loud bangs and colorful explosions in the sky can be too much for some dogs to handle.

So with that in mind, here are my 10 top tips to help you survive the festivities.

1. Think Ahead.

If you know that your dog gets scared and is generally going to get stressed out it may well be an idea to talk to a Vet or a behavior specialist to get some tips and advice.

2. Buy or Download a CD of firework noises.

Quietly introduce these sounds as background noises and slowly increase the volume over a period of time. Start at any time of the year and your pet will start to get used to the idea. Short bursts and quiet at first will enable them to learn to accept the noise as being normal.

3.Make a safe place.










Dogs love dens and it’s somewhere they can hide away and feel quite safe. If you have the space in your home, cover a dog cage or a big box with a towel or blanket and make the inside really cozy with blankets, food inside a Kong toy and water. You will find your dog will also appreciate an old t-shirt or pair of socks of yours inside to help with a familiar scent.

4. Turn your TV up louder.

If you play music also have that a bit louder too. It really does help mask the bangs and can distract the dog from fixating on the outside. Dogs have better hearing than we do, remember.

5. Find out if your neighbors are planning any firework celebrations.

To be honest, if you have dogs it’s always good to get on well with your neighbors and knowing what they are planning is a great way pre-empting any issue you may have with an event.

6. Draw your curtains or close your blinds at home.

Hearing the sounds is one thing, but the bright flashes and colorful displays can also really upset your dog as well. Keep your dog away from the window during the display too.

7. Try to distract your dog.










With a toy or a kong toy filled with some little treats can be a great way to divert their attention. This really works if you do it right.

8. Although your dog may well be very upset and stress, try to avoid too much comforting.

Over comforting a dog is a way of letting them think that there is actually something wrong. This should be avoided. You are the pack leader and remember they look to you to build their confidence.

9. Before it gets dark on the night in question, take your dog for an extra long walk.









Really get a good workout for them going and when you come home your dog will be extra tired and will probably sleep better too. It’s good to get them more tired during these events so as to use up any extra built up energy plus they can relieve themselves more as well.

10. Remember any other pets you may have as well.

Cats should be kept indoors and also consider any other small animals you may have as pets too. Keep them indoors and make safe places for them as well with warm blankets, food,and water.

It’s vital to try any or all of these techniques with your dog and there are several calming products on the market too to help. Body wraps for dogs are great and they apply a little pressure to the dog and this gives a soothing feeling to your pet.

Also, diffusers work great as well for dogs and cats and can calm them.
Pet Remedy is a great diffuser product as it uses all natural ingredients.

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Remember: NEVER punish your pet for being scared

Below is a great video with 10 more tips!

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